Hanna: Investigation into Jack's Apple Pub shooting could finish this week (2024)

Hanna: Investigation into Jack's Apple Pub shooting could finish this week (1)

APPLETON - The investigation into the fatal police shooting of Jimmie Sanders could come to a conclusion as early as this week, Mayor Tim Hanna told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin on Sunday.

"I suspect that we're going to have probably a conclusion and some kind of resolution coming this week," Hanna said. "From everything I've been told, as complicated as this was, that's pretty incredible.

"...I anticipate that we will have word from (District Attorney Carrie Schneider) about the investigation and then we'll move into the next steps, which is all in (Schneider's) hands."

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Hanna left for vacation out-of-state prior to last Sunday's shooting and arrived back in town this Sunday.Hannahas kept in touch with Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas during the week, but has not spoken to Schneider, saying it would not be appropriate for him to be in contact with herduring the ongoing investigation.

He said he doesn't have a full understanding of the mood withinthe community since the shooting, as he's been out of town, but that the incident doesn't change the kind of community Appleton is.

"(Sunday's shooting) doesn't change who we are as a community and who we want to be, and that is a place where people are welcome," Hanna said.

Hanna: Investigation into Jack's Apple Pub shooting could finish this week (2)

Emails to Thomas about the timeline of the investigation were not immediately returned.

Authorities have said that neither Appleton nor Green Bay police will comment further on the shooting until the investigation is completed.

The Green Bay Police Department is investigating the shooting at the request of Appleton police. Wisconsin law requires that an independent agency investigates deaths that result from the action or inaction of a police officer.

Last year, Thomas said the two departments had worked on a process to complete investigations in "a little over 10 days." Having an investigation into an incident "fester would not be living up to the department's mission and core values," he said ina Post-Crescent storyfrom June 2016.

The two departments have an agreement in place to investigate deaths involving police officers for the other department.

Jimmie Montel Sanders, 33, was fatally shotby Appleton police Lt. Jay Steinke early in the morning ofMay 21.

Steinke and another officer enteredthe College Avenue bar after people ran out yelling that there was someone shooting inside, according to preliminary information released by Thomas last Sunday. Steinke saw a man with a gun and shot at him, Thomas said previously.

Henry Nellum —the man accused of shooting at another man, Leander Moffitt, inside the bar —wascharged Tuesday.Nellum's gun was found under a vehicle outside the bar, according to the criminal complaint, and authorities have made no mention to date of a second gun being recovered.

From information released so far,Sanders' involvement in the fight between Moffitt and Nellum, if any, remains unclear.

Sanders was taken to a local hospitalbut died.

On Saturday, a group of more than 70 protested in downtown Appleton against what they perceive as conflicts of interestin the investigation, racism and the criminal justice system, and the circ*mstances that led to Sanders' death.Sanders is black and Steinke is white.

Thomas previously served with the Green Bay Police Department from 1988 to 2015 before becoming Appleton's police chief, which some protesters called a conflict of interest since Green Bay is handling the investigation for Appleton.

Protesters also have taken their concerns to Appleton City Hall, where a few attended a committee meeting on Wednesday night asking aldermen to discuss the shooting.

Alderman Kyle Lobner, chairman of the Safety and Licensing Committee, said while he appreciated the group coming to the meeting to air their concerns, those concerns could not be discussed because they were not on the committee's agenda, according to a video recording of Wednesday's meeting.Talking about the incident, when it is not on the agenda, would be a violation of the state's open meeting laws.

Towards the end of the meeting, several protesters shouted, "Call a recess and let us speak!" and "Do your job!"

"I can assure you, we are not sweeping this under the rug," Lobner told the group. "It will be discussed at a future point. At present, we aren't prepared to do so. We don't have all the facts in front of us."

As the committee adjourned, another protester said, "...We are here as members of the community concerned about our safety. A member of our community has just been shot by law enforcement.

"Your job is to protect our safety … as elected officials, we are asking you to protect our safety. We are not sure we can rely on that anymore.”

During Saturday's protest, co-organizer Sabrina Conteh announced to the group that she and others plan to attend future meetings at City Hall to address the shooting.

"If they want to show up to a public meeting, they're welcome to come but we have rules of decorum and we expect people to follow those rules," Hanna said. "You can't expect to come and talk about something not on the agenda.

"I expect that they will be respectful and know we have work to do, and if they're going to disrupt that, then they will be dealt with appropriately."

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Hanna: Investigation into Jack's Apple Pub shooting could finish this week (2024)


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